Birds Engine: Injection Engine

A Windows application designed to inject into browser

A powerful way to insert content into the browsers:
Birds engine injects a DLL module into the browser.
The Birds is written in C++ and is getting inside the Chrome process memory address.
From inside, it can control the target application's behavior and appearance.
This robust engine possesses a multitude of applications, such as injecting javascript, text, and images.

Here are several videos showcasing its diverse capabilities:

Video 1: Engine adds a layer on top of the Browser UI:

In the first sample, you can see how the engine adds a layer on top of the Browser UI.
Listening to the browser events from outside (without any extension)
Getting the keyword from the address bar - And adding the exact location
and size availabe, After that, Creating a child window with the details and frames inside.

Video 2: Hook into the browser page and add a content:

In the second video: hook into the browser page and add a PNG file with text and a link.
You have the freedom to design your ad according to your preferences and distribute it across the browser.

Video 3: Inject into the DOM:

In the third video:Injecting Embedding a display banner into the DOM
allows you to effortlessly integrate your branding in various locations throughout the browser.

These three samples showcase the integration of your brand into Google search results,
compatible with Edge, Chrome, and both HTTP and HTTPS websites

Code print screen from the injector


Follow the birds to get some ideas to use Birds Engine.

Optional places to inject


Adding more than one brands


Adding to the right pane of the page


Can you find the birds ??



Windows desktop injector Engine functionality

The injector engine support HTTP and HTTPS pages with no need administrator privilege Windows desktop support: win 10, win 11
Support: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
By demand: Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi

Contact us for more information about the birds engine injector.txt Displaying injector.txt.

Control the browser

Control the Browser: Injecting Paris2024 banner to pages