Birds Browser Engine

Browser Birds Engine

The browser the way you want it

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The Birds Engine is a set of software modules(birds) that control and enhance the browser

Control the browser without any extension!

Sample, Injecting Paris2024 banner to pages

Tracy Software

Programming and reverse engineering in the forest :)

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Hello Tracies!
Welcome to Tracy Software ltd.
We are a software development and browsers consulting company.
Specializing in Reverse engineering Browsers for security and monetization.

Browser injection software

Injecting Chrismes Banner into pages
Injecting a DLL module into the Chrome browsers.
The DLL is written in C++ and is getting inside the Chrome process memory address.
From the inside it can control the target application behavior and appearance.

Listening to the browser events from outside (without using any extension)
Getting the keyword from the address bar - And adding the exact location and size availabe
After that, Creating a child window with the details and frames inside.

Tracy Birds Browser Engine

Software description:
Google let the user search keywords, images, videos, maps or news.
A software we have created add another option to the user: Shopping!
The user click on the Shift key while searching and the results returns from Ebay.

We are sitting in the second office room

Reverse engineer and Intercepting requests

Injecting a DLL into target proess TCHAR* szEngine= _T("Hook.dll");
g_hModule= LoadLibrary(szEngine);
if(g_hModule) {
Trace("Hoopoe loaded.");
typedef LRESULT (__stdcall* PROC)(int,WPARAM,LPARAM);
PROC pProc= (PROC)GetProcAddress(g_hModule,"CBTProc");
if(pProc) {
g_hHook= ::SetWindowsHookExA(WH_CBT,pProc,g_hModule,0);
if(g_hHook) {
Trace("CBT Hook set"); } }
A second option to inject the DLL is via CreateRemoteThreadExfunction
and a third injection option is via the registry(contact us for further info about that technique)
let you inject a DLL from the OLE/COM perspective, connecting to the running objects interfaces via CLSID.
await Network.setRequestInterception (
{ patterns: [ {
urlPattern: '*.js',
resourceType: 'Script',
interceptionStage: 'HeadersReceived' } ] } );

Control the browser

Searching in Google and the result appears in Ebay

Searching in Google and injecting an image to the results

Injecting an image to pages without any extension

Adding a sidebar to the Chrome window on top of all content

Splitting the Chrome with C++ programming and Windows technologies

Many more samples in our youtube channel
Youtube Injection Guru

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Tracy Software

C \​ C++ software development:
Client side
WIN32 programming
Building desktop software from scratch
Multi-threading application experience
Defining API prototypes
JAVA, Javascript, Angular, HTML, CSS

Hooking windows desktop applications (using the latest WIN32 techniques)
Cracking and moderating windows applications
Working as Design architect and developing plug-ins from concept through R&D to deployment
Programming toolbars and browser extensions (IE-Internet Explorer, CR-Google Chrome, FF-Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera)

Programming desktop games using Unity, Blender and DirectX
Designing and programming NUI Games (Natural User Interface Games) Like Kinect and XBOX

Programming software Add-ons, GUI, and UI development
Developing device drivers and WIN32 mini drivers at kernel mode
Working to manipulate and bypass AV's (Anti-Viruses)

Manipulating Skype application and other IM's
Building Microsoft Office extensions, toolbar and plugins with VBA or COM C++
Windows desktop and shell monetization plugins applications - hooking, reverse engineering and controlling the windows shell

►My favorite tools and programming languages are
C and C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio
Windows XP/Windows 7/ Windows 8 /Windows 8.1


►Great Hooking and Cracking Tools I use often
OLLY Debug
Dependency Walker
System Internals Procmon, RegMon, FileMon

►Great graphic tools I love

Très bonne année 2024!


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