Control The Browser

Control The Browser With Some Code Samples

Using 'GetRunningObjectTable' WIN32 function to find and intercept the Chrome messages. After spying these messages, finding the specific injection point to inject a Splash Screen image into the Chrome message queue!

Some code

// get pointer to this computers Running Object Table if (GetRunningObjectTable(NULL, &pROT) != S_OK) { ATLTRACE("RegisterWithROT: Error, cant get ROT\n"); return FALSE; } // convert the guid to a wide-char moniker name StringFromCLSID(regName, &monikerName); // create the moniker hr = CreateItemMoniker(m_delim, monikerName, &pMon); if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) { ATLTRACE("RegisterWithROT: Error, cannot create moniker\n"); return FALSE; }

Splitting Chrome UI

Using 'SetWindowRgn' function I have succeeded splitting the Chrome UI. Current improving the product split abilities. Next chapter

Adding protection to your Browser