Stork - The Birds Browser Seamless Updater

Birds Browser Engine

Updating mechanism of the endpoint software

The Birds Engine is a set of software modules(birds) that control and enhance the browser

Updater Component
A Windows software that update the software on the end user machine

Tracy Update is a software update mechanism.
This is the process by which software is updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features.

Why is it so important?
It is an important mechanism because there is an option for changes and improvements to be made in software and spread out to all users.
How can I insert Tracy Updater into my software?
The Tracy Updater needs to be part of the installer.
This is a component that is installed with the software and can give you the option to engage with your users.
It helps you track and apply software updates to client computers.
In this way, you can update all your users, which helps you achieve more.
This component allows you to update users seamless in the background without interfering the user activity.