Contextual marketing

Contextual marketing is a strategy where users are being exposed to a personally targeted
ad, based on up-to-date info found in their current browser search.
The first parameter is the web page content, but other parameters might be taken into
consideration, such as location, day of the week, time of the day and weather. Thus,
contextual marketing can help the user find something he is currently interested in. For
example, a user that is searching for laptop models review might be offered with different
laptop deals. In a different scenario, when a customer is looking at shoe-store websites,
and the browser knows that it’s raining in the user’s current location, they might be served
with an ad for rain boots.

Benefits of Contextual Marketing

1. Increasing the chances of the users to click-through advertisements.
2. Increasing the ads’ chance of being productive, uplifting sales.
3. Decreasing users’ annoyance of ads, therefore decreasing the chances of web users to feel dissatisfied by the advertisement platform.

How does Contextual Marketing Work?

Contextual Marketing uses Machine Learning algorithms that are able to process long and
complex texts and classify them accurately by their subject. Using this classification of
users web searches, softwares can find and inject users with the most relevant ad to them.

Machine Learning Introduction

Machine Learning (ML) is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). ML algorithms can find
predictive patterns in information and make decisions based on them. Thanks to those
abilities, ML algorithms can replicate human thought and decision-making processes.
This is highly efficient in the targeted marketing field, where marketers need to automatically,
quickly and accurately classify the needs and interests of thousands of users, in order to
serve with relevant content.

AI Marketing - Current Trends

Nowadays, Contextual Marketing is becoming more popular and necessary. Due to privacy
laws and Cookies limitations, marketers aren’t always allowed to use personal information
of the users. Therefore, contextual marketing is becoming one of few options of smarter,
AI-based targeted marketing.
Contextual marketing is a smart, powerful marketing strategy that is gaining popularity in
recent times. The era of generic marketing is over - it’s time to move on and use AI abilities,
to serve users with the info that they’re looking for.