Injecting 3d avatar to Windows' start menu

How to embed pretty Tracy inside your desktop start menu ?
Using C++, WIN32 API and some windows tricks it is possible to embed, manipulate and transform almost any part of the Windows appearance and behavior.
It is also easy to do the same to any application running on top of the OS,
from Web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE),Safari, Opera
to Instant Messaging applications like Skype, Yahoo! IM
to every aspect of Office
to every aspect of development tools, like Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
or Eclipse for Java programmers
It's possible to add, remove or totally redesign application behaviors, from bottom to top.
In the next post updates I'll try to explain a few basic concepts to help you do any of these things and will also upload the new versions of Mika
What does the application do?
Mika is a desktop application, a personal assistant or actually a personal agent
that appears whenever you click on the start button and see the start menu.
Mika can also be embedded in 98% of the running applications in your system as well as being embedded in other Windows OS aspects (like in the alfa version, embedding inside the start menu).
In addition,I'm creating Mika to be interesting, not just a static image, but live figure with movements and animations.
I will add movements and activities, beginning with rotation, jumping, dancing, playing, waving, singing, saying hi, and more,...
We can also trigger Mika to respond to certain actions. For example one possibility is that she dances when the mouse hovers over the start menu or in future version, wave when a new email has arrived.
So, Keep you guys updated when the project progress :)
*Linkedin followers / connections who want to download and test Mika application on their desktop, please share this post and I'll send you a copy :)