Splash Screen

Change the Microsoft Visual Studio splash screen to your own!

Are you looking to create a unique colorful setup or installer ?
Are you using the standard NSIS, Inno Setup, InstallShield etc ?
Want to add beauty to your software ?
Want your installer or software to be more unique and remembered ?
A splash screen application we have created. Running on top of Microsoft Windows platform.
Created using Microsoft Visual Studio. Programming language C++ ,
can be loaded from any development environment or any language.WIN32 libraries DirectX libraries,
GDI+, Illustrator and 3d blender rendering.
The splash screen can be connected to any software running on the desktop.
Can run as a process exe or library dll / lib / COM Server ATL
Images can be altered with ease.
Contact us to get a free demo of the software.
If you like the software source code contact us at


The new image (You can set your own logo image)

Contact us If you are interested in the software.