Fixing Dell Vostro sound bug

Hi, my name is Amir Berkovitch and I'm a software developer.
At the end of November 2020 my old (but great) Dell Vostro laptop,
Stopped working correctly, especially slow OS loading and voice controller stopped working.
At a first glance I wondered if the hardware was somehow broken - So I've connected my headphones,
And it didn't helped neither.
So I figured it is somekind of software issue.
After checking the device drivers and using Windows fixing tools - the OS showed me a message saying
that all drivers and supporting software are udate and working great and no need for further issues.

Starting youtube, and guess what,... hearing nothing.. silence,,
Restarting the laptop few times -did not helped.
My partner fixed the issue in 5 min.
She downloaded Dell Vostro sounddriver drivers - and it did not helped. and then - downloaded and installed the Dell chipset driver. that fixed the problem.
so - anyone out there who started having sound problems in their old Dell Vostro from the end of November 2020 -
don't worry! the issue is probably accuring cause of Microsoft update that conflict with your old machine motherboard.
All you have to do is go to Dell website, download and install the previous, chipsets driver, and Ta da! sound is back.


Fixed the issue.

- Enjoy