Evelyn Ghost

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Crack the browser, inject ghost functions to the browser rendering engine!


Browser manipulation demostrated in a creepy ghost software:

A funny prank ghost software
Working together in a team can be boring, if you want to make it more funny, Here is
a simple way to make your colleagues laugh (or not). If you want to make you're co-worker
enjoyable startup team
I have always wanted to challenge myself, creating more and more unique applications,
Evelyn is a female ghost appearing on the user windows system and desktop applications.
Appear on the left side of the page, very faded.
She always appear suddenly without the user been prepare for that.
currently she really does nothing but appearing and disturbing the user, making him feel
fear when programming in the night or doing a specific report :)
The trigger can be controlled by the operator.

Times of appearance:

  • Show can appear on these times, but thats not mandatory;
  • full moon nights
  • Fridays
  • between 11:30 - 12:30 at night
  • 13th day of the month

    If the co-worker is taking the laptop to work from home at these criteria the user
    is assumed to be alone at home and she is most likely to appear ;

  • night + user have constant activity on Facebook for more than 30 min + single status.
  • night + user is on dating website + singe status
  • night + user is on mature websites + single status

    Evelyn appears usually on
  • solid background
  • browsers
  • desktop
  • fade-in slowly till its on the border between notice to not and then fade-out
  • fade-out when mouse cursor is moving towards it, trying to understand what is it (?)

    while Evelyn a some voices are played ;
  • silent crying voice
  • silent woman singing
  • silent woman calling 'help' or 'hello ?'

    print screen protection
    Evelyn knows how to control the print screen ability, while trying to picture her by
    clicking print screen she disappear.

    hidden abilities
    Evelyn cant be easily removed, she uses various techniques to hide from the user,
    even if the user find files related to her, she has 'fall-backs' components guarding her,
    trying to remove her will cause her to disappear for some time
    letting the user the feeling the ghost went but as soon as the days (nights) goes by she will appear again.

    Contact us to get Evelyn demo.